I’ve always been ambitious. Until life knocked me on my lovely rear end a few times. Now, instead of ambition for its own sake, I use the lessons I’ve learned to live in my purpose and inspire others to do the same.

It’s been an interesting journey. I went from a rosy, well-traveled childhood to mistake prone college years in an eyes blink. I got my heart broken and lost my way for a while. I dove into work (that ambition I was talking about earlier) and started to build a business servicing non-profits and other do-gooders with public relations consulting. Then, I met my future husband. We decided to help each other frame our dreams. Along the way I’ve experienced having no money, misplacing my confidence, suffering an infant loss, and a few failed projects. With faith & family I’ve been able to come through all of those challenges and learn what is really important in life.

Currently, I spend my days consulting passion-preneurs, casting & producing for TV, dancing it out with my two adorable baby boys, happily cooking for my supportive and sexy husband, attending and helping with what I can at my awesome church, writing for various publications and some other stuff that helps me feel good by helping others. I live in Houston with my supportive family and travel to Atlanta often for my production work. I’m truly blessed. And I’m excited to see what’s next as I seize every moment of every precious day.

















Alicia Brownell