Why I Use Colored Pens

Why I Use Colored Pens

"Old School" is a phrase I'm very fond of. My choice in music is very old school. While I love Imagine Dragons you can't top Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Sly and the Family Stone or Maze featuring Frankie Beverly in my opinion. I know. Very "Auntie's Cookout Playlist". Another way I tend to sway old school is in the way I take notes. I've learned that my memory is far more effective when I have written something down by hand. Whether it's a shopping list or client meeting notes, I opt for pen and paper. ⬆️CLICK PIC TO READ MORE⬆️


Casting Several Projects – AT ONCE

Having an opportunity to help make things that many people will see, to shape large messages, has always been exciting for me.  That's part of why I enjoy my role at OsagePhoenix Productions so much. We've recently been moving forward with several of our projects which, for me, means casting several projects simultaneously. It's been [...]

Talent vs Trust

Gaining, sharpening and promoting your skills is always a must. Often the areas where we are most effective are those that make use of our natural talents. As great as it may be, talent is not the most important thing to cultivate. When running a business or building a brand, Trust trumps Talent. The most [...]